About Us:

We have pulled together in an effort that would prove to be beneficial to a wide range of people and even a wider range of events.  Our intent is to cover areas of great interest and concerns to the community at large, that we are here to serve; we feel that Get Dat Tee could benefit those individuals seeking to bring attention to a certain idea.

Most people are aware of the current popular garment printing business (silkscreen printing application) and we wanted to bring an apparel printing venue to the public that could be delivered in a reasonable time frame, generally most orders to be delivered within three to five business days and priced to be affordable.

I remembered that over a quarter century ago in the 1980s , a well known computer company had a system for printing on garments. Now many years later, we had heard of an apparel printing process where the image printed onto a garment actually became a part of the apparel and be ready for delivery to the customer within a fraction of the time the old process took and we could add thousands of colors and designs to our product which made us by far “superior” to the old silkscreen process; and that’s what we did.

The disciplines brought to Get Dat Tee range from Computer Science to Political Science, and yes there is a bit of the history buff also brought to the table... We endeavor to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations that find they have a need to bring attention to a particular area of concern.  We offer quality apparel and a greater quality design along with an application process that is nothing like the old silkscreen process.